The biology of hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells (HSPCs) is stricly controlled by stromal cells that provide a supportive microenvironment for HSPCs. To extract the molecular core of the HSPC niche, we designed a developmental systems biology approach based on the comparison of the mRNA and microRNA (miR) transcriptomes of stromal lines that differentially support HSPCs (AGM, FL, BM). These stromal lines were established from the mid-gestation mouse Aorta-Gonads-Mesonephros (AGM) region, fetal liver (FL) and bone marrow (BM) that successively support HSPCs during ontogeny. We hypothesized that genes essential for HSPC support would be expressed in at least 2 out of the 3 hematopoietic sites. By combining high-throughput technology and bio-informatics analyses we identified a molecular signature of 481 mRNAs and 17 miRs (2-3% of the transcriptome) representative of the HSPC support. The mRNA list could be utilized to predict the capacity of stromal cells to support HSPCs. We also demonstrate that the HSPC-supportive activity of stromal lines preexists contact with HSPCs but is expanded after contact. This website resource can be utilized to explore the molecular networks involved in the HSPC support and find mRNAs and miRs involved in this process.

Graphical Abstract

This website can be utilized :

  1. to investigate whether a given mRNA is significantly up or down-regulated in at least one of the 6 stromal lines we studied.
  2. to investigate whether a given miR is significantly up or down-regulated in at least one of the 6 stromal lines.
  3. to find out interactions between differentially expressed mRNAs and miRs.


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